Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump

Everyone is always looking for exercises to increase vertical jump ability.  However, jumping takes specific muscles that are not usually trained well by just weight training.  You also need flexibility and endurance along with muscle strength.

Vertical jump exercises are specific, muscle targeting exercises that will help increase your vertical leap.  There are several weight training exercises to increase vertical leap.  These include squats, lunges, calf raises, and leg press.  These exercises will help increase your jumping muscles.

Exercises To Help Increase Your Vertical Leap

In addition to weight training you will also want to build up your muscle endurance in the specific muscles that help increase your vertical jump.  A few of these exercises are:

Box Jumps - jumping off an elevated platform and then immediately jumping back onto the platform.  You will want to use a box that is around 2 or 3 feet high.  You also want to be jumping as quickly as possible.  Once you land, immediately jump back up onto the box.  Perform 8-10 reps and do 3 total sets.

Single Leg Jumps - Start with on leg on a platform and the other leg on the ground.  Jump up by pushing off your elevated foot and land with your opposite foot on the platform and repeat.  You want to be jumping quickly and spending as little time touching the ground as possible.  Perform about 10 reps per leg for each set.

Quick Jumps - Stand under a basketball hoop with your arms in the air.  Jump up as high as you can and when you land jump again as quickly as you can.  Continue jumping quickly for 10 - 20 reps.

Cone Jumps - Place a cone on the ground and simply jump back and forth over the cone.  As with the other vertical leap exercises, you want to be jumping as fast as possible and once you land you want to immediately jump back over the cone.

In addition to jumping exercises and weight training you will also want to spend significant time stretching.  Stretch before and after each workout.

If you are confused on which exercises to increase vertical jump are the best I would encourage you to get on a good vertical jump program.  A good vertical leap program will get you on the right track immediately and increase your results.

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