Free Tips On Jumping Higher

Being able to jump higher is always something serious athletes are looking to accomplish and our free tips on jumping higher can help you achieve that.  There are several mistakes people make when training their vertical jump.

The first mistake is that they do not train all the muscles involved with being able to jump higher.  Many people train their calves and quads because they are the obvious muscles but only focusing on those will result in minimal gains and will not help you reach your max vertical.

Secondly, many people train their muscles in the incorrect fashion.  Jumping higher is all about explosion and quickness yet many people mistakenly train their muscles for endurance.  This results in people getting minimum gains out of their training.  You want to be doing low reps and going all out.  If you have to pace yourself, you are training in the wrong way.  Stay away from programs that have you do high reps.

The last free tip on jumping higher is that you need to incorporate all facets of vertical jump training into your workouts.  There are many effective training methods but if you are limiting yourself to only one method, you will never get your maximum gains.  You want to be doing plyometrics, weight training and jumping exercises.  Successfully incorporating them all into your workout will get you your best gains.

So do you take all these free tips on jumping higher and utilize them?  It's easy..it has already been done for you.  Our #1 recommended vertical jump training program takes all of these tips and utilizes them in its program which is way we rated it #1 out of all the program we tested.  To get started just click the image below!

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