How To Increase Your Vertical Jump

If you are trying to figure out how to increase your vertical jump but have failed in your training efforts then this may be a critical article for you to read.  You can increase vertical leap height quickly but you must do it the proper way.

The first step is to find a program that is specifically geared towards vertical jump training.  This is critical because most programs main objective is not to increase your vertical, but it needs to be.  We always recommend the Vertical Explosion Training Guide.

How To Increase Vertical Leap

Here are a couple things you should look for in any vertical training program that you use:

First off you need to make sure that you are training your fast twitch muscle fibers. Many vertical jump programs will mistakenly train your slow twitch fibers which have little to no benefits if you want to increase your vertical.  You must train fast twitch fibers to add inches to your vertical leap.

Next you want to make sure that your program has you doing low reps and NOT high reps.  If you are doing 20, 30 or even 50 reps (believe me I have seen it!) then you are training your muscle endurance.  Muscle endurance is great if you are a long distance runner, but not for jumping high or quickness.  Lower reps are what you need to be doing.

Lastly it is very important that you are incorporating all types of vertical exercises.  This means doing plyometrics, jumping exercises and weight training.  Many programs focus on just one which will lead to mediocre gains.  If you want big gains like 10 to 15 inches on your vertical jump then you need to be taking advantage of all types of training.  Don't shortchange yourself.

If all of this confused you or is beyond your scope of training knowledge then the best thing for you to do to is get on a proven training program right now.  You can see our ratings for vertical jump programs.  A good vertical leap program will get you on the right track immediately and increase your vertical jump faster.

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