Increasing Vertical Jump

Many athletes try increasing vertical jump height in order to improve at their respective sport. Being able to jump higher has many advantages in numerous sports. If you can increase your vertical jump in most cases it will help your performance in most sports.

There is many different exercises that you can perform in hopes of increasing vertical leap height. You can do weight lifting exercises, plyometric exercises, or just basic jumping exercises. There is no definitive answer as to which type of exercises will have the greatest result in increasing your vertical, but one this is for sure and that is by doing something is better than doing nothing.

Increase Your Vertical Jump

Below you will find a list of exercises to increase vertical leap that are all geared towards helping raise your vertical leap. Before doing any exercises you should always make sure to warm up. You wouldn’t play in a basketball game without warming up and stretching. So, make sure to get your muscles loose and do some stretching exercises.

-Toes Raises with or without weight
-Deep Knee Bends
-Deep Knee Bend Jumps
-Jumping Rope
-Lunges with or without weight
-Box Jumps
-Stair Jumps
-Step Ups

There are many more exercises out there but this is just a list of the most popular and more often used vertical jump exercises. A good program should include both strength and power training. Strength training includes exercises like lunges or squats. Power training includes exercises like jump drills which require quick and explosive motions.

While most NBA basketball players have verticals around 30 inches and upwards of over 40 inches, don’t expect to increase your vertical jump that high. Measure your vertical leap height before starting your program and work at adding an inch at a time. This is a much better plan then just shooting for a 40 inch vertical which may be unattainable.

Start slow and stick to a vertical leap program and you are sure to see solid gains. Make sure to mix up your exercises to get full benefit and to make sure that you do not hit a plateau in your training. So get out there and start working at increasing vertical jump height.

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