Measuring Vertical Jump Height

Measuring vertical jump is something you should always do before starting any vertical leap program. That way you will be able to gage your results and determine if the exercises you are doing are working.

Most people do not have sophisticated equipment to measure their vertical jump so we are going to talk about the way you can do it on your own. One way is to find a wall that you do not mind getting a little dirty. Next grab some chalk and cover your tallest finger in it. Now reach up on the wall and touch the wall with your chalk covered finger. Make sure to keep you feet flat on the ground as this will give you the most accurate vertical leap measure.

This mark will your base measure. Now you will want to reapply the chalk to your finger. Standing in the same place jump as high as you can and touch the wall. Do this several times and keep your highest leap.

Then all you need to do is measure the distance from your base mark and your highest vertical jump mark. The difference is your vertical jump. So, if you flat footed reach was 90 inches and the measure for your vertical jump was 112 inches, your vertical jump is 22 inches (112-90). When measuring vertical jump height on your own this is the easiest way to do it.

You can also purchase a wall mounted vertical jump tester but the method above will prove to be pretty accurate vertical leap measure. If you have access to a gym they may have a more sophisticated device for measuring vertical jump height also.

If your vertical leap doesn’t measure up to your expectations then it may be time to start training. Before you buy any vertical jump programs make sure to check out our Best Vertical Leap Programs section for rankings on the top vertical leap programs.


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