Free Plyometric Exercises

If you are looking for free plyometric exercises we can help. Below you will find a list of the best plyometric drills for increasing your vertical jump. Weight training is good for building muscle but when it comes to developing speed, agility and vertical leaping ability, plyometric exercises are much more effective.

One reason for the great effect of plyometric workouts have on vertical leap ability, is that they train and develop muscles while you are doing sport specific exercises. Instead of getting in a squad rack you are doing a series of different plyometric jumping exercises that are gear specifically for increasing your vertical jumping ability.

Plyometric Workout & Exercises

1. Side Box Jumps are one of the first plyometric exercises to do. Simply stand on one side of a box or bench and squat down and jump from one side of the box to the next. Then simply jump back to the opposite side and continue.

2. Stair jumps are another plyometric drill to add to your exercises. For this vertical jump exercise stand in front of a set of stairs. Squat down and jump up 1 or 2 stairs. Then return to the floor and jump back up on the stairs again. Simply keep repeating several more times.

3. Box Jumps should also be done. This specific plyo exercise requires you to stand on a box or stairs and jump to the floor. When you land on the floor go down to a squat position and jump up as high as possible. Return to the box or stairs and repeat.

4. Jumping Rope is the last plyometric drill to perform. Plyometric exercises continue to get more and more complex, but it always comes back to simply jumping rope. It’s an old exercise but still effective from building your vertical leaping ability.

Following a plyometric workout is great for those looking for ways to jump higher for basketball. Perform these 4 plyometric drills and you are sure to start to see an increase in your vertical jump. Plyometric exercises are incredibly effective exercises.

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