Vertical Jump Training

Vertical jump training is essential in your quest to improve vertical leap. If you are wondering how to increase your vertical leap the answer is simple, find a good vertical leap training program and stick to it. Increasing your vertical leap takes training, persistence and hard work.

So, how do you jump higher? There are several jumping exercises that should always be included in your vertical leap training regimen. These several exercises are the key to finally answering your question of how do you jump higher. These vertical jump exercises are tried and tested and will do wonders to improve vertical leap.

Vertical Leap Training

1. Squats - Squats are one of the best overall exercises for increasing your leg strength. Many people perform squats wrong and this can have terrible effects on your muscles and should be done with a trainer. Make sure to perform them correctly. Use a squat rack and take an athletic stance and place the bar across your upper back. Keep your back tight with your chest out. Keep the weight on your heels and slowly bend the knees to a 90 degree angle. Then stand back up keeping your knees above your feet at all times. Repeat.

Squats are an essential exercise and should included in every vertical jump training program. Squats can be done without any weight when starting our and we suggest you do them with a trainer to make sure you have proper form.

2. Lunges - Another great exercise to improve your vertical leap. Lunges are done holding dumbbells or without any weight for beginners. Start in a standing position and then step forward without your upper body leaning forward until your lead knee is 90 degrees. Then proceed to step back to your starting position. Repeat with the other leg.

Lunges are a very simple exercise to do to help you jump higher. Start without weight if you are a beginner and then add weight gradually.

3. Step Ups - For this vertical leap training grab a pair of dumbbells or no weights for beginners and use a box or a chair can be used that is around 1.5 feet high. Start in a standing position and step up onto the box and then back to the ground. Perform these with one leg at a time. These are great for building up your quadriceps which are essential for learning how to jump higher.

4. Calf Raises - To learn how to increase your vertical leap you need to strengthen your calf muscles. Every vertical jump training program should include calf raises. To perform this exercise simply take an athletic stance and then raise up onto your toes. This can also be performed with dumbbells or a bar. Or you can stand on a box or even a thick piece of wood with your heels handing over the edge and raise up onto your toes. Using a box will let you go down farther and therefore increase the amount that is need to raise up onto the toes.

Again this is another very simply exercise yet it is very effective for improving vertical jumping ability.

Vertical leap training takes hard work but pays off in the end. When you learn how to increase vertical leap finding out how to jump higher is no problem at all. If you want a full training program that works like crazy to improve vertical leap check out our best vertical jump programs page where we break down all the popular vertical jump training programs.

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